Weldability Sif have a heritage dating back to 1925 and the origins of the bronze brazing process. For almost a century, they have innovated in the development of welding products, and have supported the industry with technical assistance and consistent product quality.

Weldability-Sif has supported The Bicycle Academy by co-funding the purchase of all brazing equipment and extraction for the workshop and continues to provide ongoing support with technical advice, training and the purchase of brazing rods, fluxes and consumables thanks to The Weldability-Sif Foundation.

With many of our students living far away from The Bicycle Academy workshop we have been working together to produce a special and affordable frame-builders brazing kit comprising of all the essentials to allow people to work from their own workshop / garage. We will also be providing all of our students with an ongoing discount for consumables and equipment available both directly from The Bicycle Academy workshop and its soon to be opened online weldspeed shop.

We’re really pleased to be working closely with Weldability-Sif to provide the best experience and equipment to all of our students.