33% by lunchtime!

33% by lunchtime, what a start!!

This is huge, we couldn’t be happier, thank you for all your support so far!

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Let the Crowd Funding begin!

After months of build up we’re really happy to announce that our crowd funding campaign has now started! Please support us by making a pledge, thank you. Andrew (click on the image to be taken to the crowd funding website)

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Please wait until tomorrow

We’re still in BETA testing, please don’t pledge just yet! : )

Hello, some of you have started making pledges on the peoplefund.it site (thank you!) but we’re still in beta testing until tomorrow when we launch at 07:00 so please wait until then to pledge so that it gets counted. Those who have pledged already please check back in the morning to see if it’s still [...]

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peoplefund.it – crowd funding explained (video)

Here’s a great little video that explains how crowd funding works from peoplefund, remember that our campaign starts tomorrow!

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What does fillet brazing look like?

We get asked this question a lot, especially as so many people are used to seeing brazed frames that are made using luggs. Well here’s a few photos of Brian’s handy work, you’ll notice that Brian doesn’t use a file to ‘dress’ his brazes, leaving them “raw” for all to see… (click on the image [...]

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About Us

Well, it’d be rude of us not to introduce ourselves wouldn’t it… Andrew is a 29 year old mechanical design engineer with a passion for bicycles. He is the founder and chairman of the Black Canon Collective mountain bike club & trail development project, and is also the organiser of the ‘World Famous’ Cobble Wobble bicycle [...]

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#VendrediVideo – time to get geeky

This week I’ve decided to share some of my inner geek; rather than indulge in some beautiful frame building imagery I thought that I’d show you a short video about some of the many books that bicycle frame builders might find useful. Remember that we’re going to have a fully stocked library at The Bicycle [...]

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