Hack Bike Derby

The Hack Bike Derby Annual Invitational is an excuse for framebuilders to make some bikes for the hell of it then race them against each other. The event is something that I’ve wanted to make happen for about three years, but with an already full plate it has been too hard to fit in, up [...]

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February 17, 2016 at 0209PM

Frickin laser beams

This special method of brazing is only possible after 10,000 hrs (or 500 frames) of torch time. Yup it’s reserved for those who’ve racked up the magic number of hours to become a true master. The last hour / frame is particularly teasing as you question why it’s not about how good you actually are [...]

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DM Pano

Design Museum – Cycle Revolution

“Cycle Revolution at London’s world leading Design Museum celebrates the diversity of contemporary cycling in Britain from every day commuting to Olympic level competition and looks at where design and innovation may take the riders of the future” British bespoke bicycle frame building is showcased in the exhibition in a recreation of a bicycle making [...]

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TBA Africa Bikes

TBA Africa Bikes – farewell party

And what a party it was… People came from all over to help us to put the stickers on the bikes and celebrate the bikes leaving for Namibia in just 1 day… Here’s one of our students putting her name on the frame that she made. A proud moment for her and for us!

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TBA Africa Bike

TBA Africa Bikes – great news!

I wrote a little update back in April to highlight the fact that we have been working hard to find an organisation who could help us to get all 150 of our fantastic student-made TBA Africa Bikes equipped with components. We had the component supplier lined up but didn’t have the funding secured at that [...]

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It’s our Birthday!

Yup, we’re three years old today. I came up with the idea for this on 30th November 2010, I spent all my spare time dreaming, planning, learning and working to try and make it happen. I crowdfunded, then I quit my job, got the workshop set up and opened the doors in summer 2012. We’ve [...]

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