Fitting and Design Masterclass

The Fitting and Design Masterclass is designed to cover all major areas of fit and design. The course is tailored to each students current level of understanding and suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience.

Duration and Format

This course is taught 1:1 over 1 day.


You will learn the key physiological considerations concerning the human body and cycling, its general capabilities, limitations and possible adaptations. This theoretical study is then expounded with you in a practical exploration of these considerations as they relate to you personally.

A full bicycle fitting is conducted, including a demonstration of how to analyse a cycling individual for accurate selection of an optimised position. The bicycle fitting ends with full measurement and recording of fit co-ordinates as is relevant to bicycle designing.

Bicycle dynamics and current best practice for bicycle design are introduced followed by a step by step co-design of a chosen bicycle. Files are created for fit, build, jig setup and mitres.

  • Physiological Considerations
  • Historical Overview
  • Bicycle fitting method
  • Physical dynamics and forces acting on a bicycle
  • Bicycle Design
  • Frame Design
  • BikeCad