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#VendrediVideo – now and again…

We now rarely manage to get this up but here’s a nice selection none the less….

An awesome insight into hard work and heavy metal:

Five former shipbuilders tells personal cock-and-bull stories about drinking, socialising, accidents and fighting in a tough-as-nails man’s world at the legendary B&W shipyard on Refshaleøen, Copenhagen. In this documentary they are taken back to the shipyard, where they spend most of their lives among the 10,000 workers at the shipyard, until it closed in 1996. Today the metal festival Copenhell is located at the abandoned shipyard grounds, and every June, the location is invaded by 10,000 metal fans. Two of the former workers visits the metal festival, to see what is happening at their old workplace. The shipyard is still a place for Men & Metal.

Men & Metal (documentary) from Woco Film on Vimeo.

We admire Firefly and their workshop greatly, here’s why:

Beards, bikes and bones:

And finally this from our friend Tom, which you most probably have already seen, but if not… well, just watch and see for yourself!

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#VendrediVideo – it’s back!

In the build up to the launch of The Bicycle Academy I used to post a blog post every Friday with videos about framebuilding, craft and anything that I felt was interesting to watch. We used to get a crazy amount of people checking out the videos each week but then the job of actually creating and working at TBA took over and the blog posts dried up.

Well we’ve finally made a little time to start them up again, so here you go our first #VendrediVideo is absolutely ages. Hope you enjoy it.

From innovation, to high end balance bikes (we taught Alex!) to guitars to french mass production to shed made FS bikes – it’s all there…

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Nothing much going on here, but a treat for the eyes…

Waiting for the olympic road race from Erik Jonsson on Vimeo.

A few insightful videos from NAHBS…

Sacha White, Dario Pegoretti & Don Walker at NAHBS 2010 from Vuelo Velo on Vimeo.

Nick Crumpton and Renold Yip at NAHBS 2010 from Vuelo Velo on Vimeo.

Carl Strong at NAHBS 2010 from Vuelo Velo on Vimeo.

This is just Stunning!

Bombing Hills from WerehausTV on Vimeo.


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Cardboard Bicycle Design

This isn’t the first cardboard bicycle I’ve seen but it seems to be the best …


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#VendrediVideo – Hand Made

This week I’ve kept the number of videos down a little, but they’re both fantastic.

This film is going to be a multi-part Documentary series about people all around the country who specialize in preserving things from the past as well as folks who create new things. It is a reflection that embodies the American spirit right now and explores the spaces of the craftsmen who create in them.
Part 1:
Michael Hartery is a Musician and Luthier that specializes in restoring & repairing the double bass. This is a glimpse into his craft.

American Hand from Jon Walley on Vimeo.

Joby Springsteen is a welder, musician & friend from Binghamton NY. He works for FBM Bikes, enjoys long walks on the beach, making his own music gear and eating Freschott pizza. Joby is part of a company that has grounded itself in DIY and American made pride since its very birth, people like Joby and FBM make us proud to ride bikes.

American Hand II from Jon Walley on Vimeo.

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We set ourselves a reminder this week… ; )


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