Andrew Denham: Headteacher

Andrew is a mechanical design engineer who loves cycling. And he gets things done. He founded the Black Canon Collective mountain bike club, now in its fifth year of designing, raking, digging and building trails at a magical spot in Longleat woods. Andrew is also the organiser of the ‘World Famous’ Cobble Wobble bicycle hill climb, an annual (steep!) celebration of cycling, cobbles and tomfoolery in Frome, Somerset. Andrew is the founder of The Bicycle Academy, he learned to braze from Brian and is the man behind the teaching method we have developed.

Tony Corke: Fitting and Design Expert

Tony is a bicycle fitting instructor and bicycle designer. Plagued and blessed by a burning desire to understand the intricacies of individual cycling optimisation. Tony has had the privilege of a prestigious apprenticeship in cycling analysis as well as the opportunity to work with, and learn from, some of the very best in the industry. He has also had the great pleasure of fitting and designing hundreds of custom bicycles and is very exited to be working with the Bicycle Academy to further realise the fantastic potential of the humble hand built bicycle. Tony teaches all our fitting and design courses.

Paul Burford: TIG Pro

Paul is one half of BTR Fabrications – the british frame building company famed for their great TIG welded DH and FR hard tail MTB frames. Paul is our new Frame Building Teacher and will be with us for a few months.  He teaches all of the framebuilding courses along with TIG welding, which he’s exceptionally good at!

The Bicycle Academy press release images. 27 January 2014Photo by Adam Gasson /

Robin Mather: Master Builder

Robin, winner of the 2012 Best in Show at the UK Hand Made Bicycle Show, Bespoked. Robin has been building for over 20 years, and is renowned for his beautifully detailed high quality bespoke bicycles, working with steel,stainless and titanium, fillet brazing, lugs and TIG – Robin is a master at his craft.Robin teaches all of the framebuilding courses and joining masterclasses.

The Bicycle Academy press release images. 27 January 2014Photo by Adam Gasson /

Ted James: Builder, Rider and Workshop Wizard

Ted is the winner of the Peer Award at the 2013 UK Hand Made Bicycle Show, Bespoked. Ted is always pushes the boundaries with his brilliant concepts, from his 29gnar to the mind boggling stainless cruiser complete with custom formed 953 tubing. Ted is happiest when he’s behind one of his many machines. Ted teaches all of the framebuilding courses.

Themba Burford: doe-eyed workshop dog

Themba is by far and away the nicest dog we have ever met, and she’s brilliant at eating biscuits off of the floor. Although she’s Pauls dog, she spends most of her time at The Bicycle Academy daydreaming whilst sprawled out across the workshop floor and looking all soppy eyed at our students.


And 200 people behind the scenes

There might be four of us in The Bicycle Academy workshop, but there are many, many more people who helped us get up and running. Our brazing stations, pillar drill, jigs and tools are all here thanks to a crowd funding campaign. In just six days we raised over 100% of the funding we needed, thanks to donations from 183 people and 23 more who offered their time and skills on top.