The Bicycle Academy provides frame building courses and skills masterclasses for novices, enthusiasts and pro’s, and fully equipped workshop hire for those who don’t have their own. We specialise in teaching and are renowned for the exceptionally high standards that our students achieve.

We get a lot of great feedback about the way we teach, and the way that our courses are structured.

We know that it takes a long time to become a master at something, so our courses are designed to teach you the theory and practical skills that you need to be able to engage in meaningful practice. A carefully balanced course of explicit and tacit learning.

You’ll make a frame from start to finish. We won’t do it for you. But rather than a one-time frame building experience; we teach you ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what if’, so that you can go on to do things for yourself. This isn’t directed doing, it’s guided discovery.

We won’t just teach you how to make bicycle frames, we’ll teach you how to learn.

If you want to learn to make a bicycle frame, or braze like a god the The Bicycle Academy is where you need to be.
Practice does indeed make perfect but the level that these guys can get you to in just a matter of hours is nothing short of mind-blowing”

Ed Haythornwaite | Technical Editor | Dirt Magazine