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TBA Africa Bikes – great news!

I wrote a little update back in April to highlight the fact that we have been working hard to find an organisation who could help us to get all 150 of our fantastic student-made TBA Africa Bikes equipped with components. We had the component supplier lined up but didn’t have the funding secured at that time.

We had a wonderful response from all of our students and crowdfunders and many others too. Our previous efforts hadn’t been in vain though, as it was actually one of our many previous direct enquiries that paid off in the end. I’m thrilled to say that by the end of April we managed to secure the funding to equip the frames. This final piece of the puzzle means that we now have everything in place to complete the project; frame finishing, the source of the components, component funding, painting, packing, shipping, assembly and distribution.

In July we assembled one of the student-made bikes with a full set of the very same components that will be used to equip the other bikes and we’ve been riding it for the past few months. It handles superbly and can take a huge load on the back rack, the coaster brake is really effective and it’s great fun! It really does do everything we’d hoped that it would and the components all fit as they should.

All 150 frames will be sent to Africa in November later this year to be assembled with the components by mechanics in Namibia, where the bikes will be distributed to different aid projects over the weeks following.

It’s brilliant when people work together to do something so positive and it’s been a pleasure to work with so many likeminded people over the past few years on this wonderful project. We’ll keep you posted over the next few weeks as we complete the next and final stages….

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