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Meet Robin and Ted, our new Framebuilding teachers!

I posted details for a new frame building role on our website in early January resulting in a surge of interest and a temporary website crash! We had a lot of interest, of an impressive level, from across the world. It really affirmed what we’re doing and just how far we have come in 18 months. After lots of consideration I made my decision and I’m thrilled to announce the addition of builder of the 2012 Best in Show at the UK Hand Made Bicycle Show, Bespoked, Robin Mather and Ted James, winner of the show’s 2013 Peer Award to The Bicycle Academy.

I’ve looked up to Robin and Ted for a number of years so to be working with them is a dream come true. Their work speaks for itself but it’s the passion they have for
what they do that makes them the perfect fit here. We’re all really excited to be working together.

Robin and Ted will be splitting their time between their own projects and TBA. This will mean we can offer courses covering an even broader range of frame building techniques, using the layered teaching style on which we’ve built our reputation.

Robin says he has always felt it important for practising craftsmen to pass on and share their skills, to encourage the development of new ideas and improve standards. He says his career has benefitted from what he describes as a “culture of openness” in the bicycle building industry.

“ The opportunity to work with TBA is really exciting. I have been very impressed with how much it has achieved in a relatively short time and honoured that they want me to be a part of it. I strongly support Andrew’s approach, in providing students with a framework for meaningful practice and feel that this is more likely to produce a long term interest in the craft.”

Ted says that he had always hoped to join The Bicycle Academy, after deciding to move out of London and head west:

“I will now finally be joining the team and teaching frame building courses. Andrew and I have been discussing ideas for additional courses where I can share some of the different things I do on a daily basis. We have also been working on some similar projects involving frame building tools – something else that we will all be developing together.”

Robin has already started teaching and Ted will start straight after Bespoked. It’s brilliant to have more people in the workshop to join the already awesome team, we’re all super excited and we’re going to need a bigger biscuit barrel…

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Mike Pearson, one of our students and now also a close friend of The Bicycle Academy, recently launched his Munin Bikeworks brand, and has already made a beautiful bike to show off his skills.

Here’s what he had to say about the build, his ‘All Seasons Road Bike’…

The brief was to build a road bike that can handle the demands of the UK weather while remaining fun to ride.

Fillet-brazed Columbus Zona tubing provides a good balance, of strength, low weight, comfort and value. 420mm chainstays and a slightly raised rear brake bridge allowed full mudguards to be fitted without compromising the look or the characteristics of the bike.

Matched with a Columbus Hiver carbon fibre fork and 25mm tyres, the bike gives sure-footed handling and tames the vagaries of the UK’s tarmac. The SKS mudguards protect machine, rider and companions.

The paint job’s not fancy, but it’s appropriate for the intended use. The gloss lacquered grey powder coat is discrete and tough.

It’s a bike for winter that’s also perfectly happy to tackle the long, hot days of summer. And their inevitable thunder storms.

Mike will be at Bespoked this year, so make sure that you go and say hi.

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Dirt 100 – BTR Fabrications

Having a product selected by as one of Dirt Magazine’s top 100 of the year is no mean feat. It’s the sort of thing that many well established brands are yet to achieve and yet in only just over a year since Tam and Paul started making bikes from a garden shed they’ve done it!

We always like to support the little guys, but we love to support them even more when they produce a product as good as this Ranger. If we’re honest some of us here at Dirt aren’t too keen on the looks of this bike, but when a bike rides as well as this one does you can forgive it for anything. Of course with a hardtail almost everything comes down to geometry, and this is where this frame rules. For hardcore trail riding or enduro racing this frame is simply unbeatable. Aside from the geometry though we love the hand built nature of this frame, it’s a proper custom build. There’s good use of tubing too, and well thought out details like dropper post compatibility. You can tell this frame is built by someone who lives and breathes riding, and that’s why we love it so much.”

Dirt Magazine – 100 best products for 2014.

We’re all super proud of Paul and Tam, they work so hard at everything that they do. Every frame that they produce is born out of a mix of long hours, hard work, sweat and (more often than you’d think) blood.

Their waiting list is growing fast, so don’t hang about – get on and order yourself one of their “unbeatable” frames.

PRICE: £675.00


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