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Academy Tube Block Set – Limited Edition Black Walnut

When you’re working to produce something beautiful, it’s always nice to be able to work with beautiful tools. That’s why we produced these tube blocks using the best materials that we could find.

Each block in this Limited Edition* run is made from hard wearing Black Walnut then joined together with tough brown leather hinges that are fastened with brass fixings. They’re functional tools that are made to be used every day and they look fantastic too.

Made in a small workshop in our hometown of Frome, then finished by hand, oiled and assembled here at The Bicycle Academy.

Each set contains the following six blocks:

12.7mm + 22.2mm / 1/2″ + 7/8″
15.9mm + 19mm / 5/8″ + 3/4″
25.4mm / 1″
28.6mm / 1″ 1/8
31.8mm / 1″ 1/4
38.1mm / 1″ 1/2

*We won’t be able to get anymore Black Walnut so this is a limited edition of 25 sets.

We finished these just before Christmas and sold over half the stock within just 72 hours of posting an Instagram photo with a link to the online shop. That means that there are only a few sets left so if you like what you see then orders yours now as once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Fitting and Design Masterclass

Great things aren’t just made well, they’re designed intelligently too. Our fitting and Design Masterclass covers all the essential design considerations to enable you to create bicycles that fit like a glove and ride like a dream. Take a look here for more information…

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TIG Welding Masterclass

Having built up our reputation for teaching great Fillet Brazing we wanted to use the very same techniques to teach you to TIG Weld in just a day. So we’ve launched our TIG Welding Masterclasses – 1 day, 1:1 focused learning. Find out more here…

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