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Brazing with water…

Just under a month ago we were sent a link to a video showcasing something that seemed a little too good to be true; a brazing flame that wasn’t fuelled by compressed gasses, but water.

We were amazed!

After a little research we managed to get hold of the man behind the idea, one of the organisations behind its development and the people making the units. We wasted no time arranging for us to take part in the testing as there are so many questions that we have and things that we want to learn about the process.

The potential for this product is significant, with so many wannabe builders restricted by the safety restrictions placed on Acetylene use, this kind of system could make framebuilding a lot more accessible. Now, initially it seems as if the flame profile may be designed to work with joints that rely upon capillary brazing, rather than fillet brazing, but this may simply be a function of the setup or nozzle design rather than a limitation of the process, either way we’re really excited to be involved especially at this early stage.

So, next Tuesday from 11:30am I will be brazing with water and i’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

For more info see the SafeFlame website here:

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A New Standard in Framebuilding Courses…

We’re really excited to announce our BRAND NEW  ”Standard Framebuilding Course” to add to the very popular “Classic” and “Advanced” courses that we already offer.

With the addition of this course we now offer something for everyone, providing the opportunity for you to build your very own bicycle frame in just 7 days.  You’ll learn every step of the way, actually build a bike for yourself and crucially; you’ll come away with the skills to make more. We won’t skim over details, or do things for you, we’ll teach you properly so that you do a great job to be proud of.

We’ve got a wonderful selection of frame tubes from Columbus and Reynolds and brilliant frame components to choose from too – all stocked here at The Bicycle Academy.

Here’s the breakdown of the course format:

Day 1 – Brazing masterclass – Get to grips with this brilliant technique.

Day 2 – Fitting & design including material and component selection - We’ll create a bespoke design with you based upon a detailed fit and selection of beautiful materials and frame components.

Day 3 (morning) – Metal working skills - Learn how to work with the materials and hand tools so that you get great results.

Day 3 (afternoon) to day 7 (morning) – The frame build and additional brazing tuition - You’ll build the frame from start to finish while we coach you through every stage. We’ll also give you a number of additional brazing sessions to build up your skills ready for the final frame braze.

Day 7 (afternoon) – frame alignment and finishing - you’ll learn how to check you frame for alignment, correct any misalignments, then finish all of the faces and threads.

Day 8 onwards – Enjoy the amazing feeling of having built your very own bespoke bicycle frame!

The course costs £1400 (plus materials, which cost between £120 -£300) and we’re taking bookings for 2014 and 2015 now, so please get in touch so that you don’t miss out.

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Help make “Bicycle” Film a reality…

A few months ago I came across an intriguing twitter user called @BICYCLEfilm “A feature documentary in production about the history of the bicycle in Britain produced by Blue Hippo Media directed by Bafta winning director Michael Clifford“. I was impressed by their previous projects and excited by the description of their next film…

“Bicycle” tells the story of cycling in the land that invented the modern bicycle, it’s birth, decline and re birth from Victorian origins to today. “Bicycle” will be made to coincide with another big year for British sport – the 2014 Commonwealth games in Glasgow and the coming of the Tour de France to Yorkshire. Featuring the finest components from archive to contributors and live action from cycling culture now, “Bicycle” will be a humorous, lyrical and a warm reflection on cycling and its place in the national psyche.

Well now the project is really picking up momentum with some great sponsors onboard and an exciting crowd funding campaign to help raise the budget needed to make it all happen.We’re really happy to be supporting the film project, and are offering the very first booking to our brand new Standard Framebuilding Course for the massively reduced price of £1000 (normally £1400) as a pledge reward to help raise money for their crowd funding campaign.

In addition to enjoying a week with us building a your very own bicycle frame you will get a place at their ‘meet the filmmakers workshop’, plus a copy of the film on DVD and as a digital download and YOUR NAME in the end credits of the film under “Special Thanks”. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and something that we haven’t done since we ran our own crowd funding campaign in 2011.

But that’s not the only way you can back their project, pledge tiers start from as little as £10 for a digital download of the film and go all the way up to £5000 for the executive producer spot, including a £1000 voucher towards a Trek Bicycle, premier tickets, special edition signed DVD’s and all the feel good factor that you can imagine.

So if you’d like to back the project, perhaps save £400 on an awesome framebuilding course, then click here: and get your wallet out!

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#VendrediVideo – now and again…

We now rarely manage to get this up but here’s a nice selection none the less….

An awesome insight into hard work and heavy metal:

Five former shipbuilders tells personal cock-and-bull stories about drinking, socialising, accidents and fighting in a tough-as-nails man’s world at the legendary B&W shipyard on Refshaleøen, Copenhagen. In this documentary they are taken back to the shipyard, where they spend most of their lives among the 10,000 workers at the shipyard, until it closed in 1996. Today the metal festival Copenhell is located at the abandoned shipyard grounds, and every June, the location is invaded by 10,000 metal fans. Two of the former workers visits the metal festival, to see what is happening at their old workplace. The shipyard is still a place for Men & Metal.

Men & Metal (documentary) from Woco Film on Vimeo.

We admire Firefly and their workshop greatly, here’s why:

Beards, bikes and bones:

And finally this from our friend Tom, which you most probably have already seen, but if not… well, just watch and see for yourself!

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Countdown until Bespoked…

It’s the highlight of the calendar for anyone interested in the world of framebuilding here in the UK, so with only 4 months until the show we’re getting excited already!

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Morvélo CityCross 2

The Morvélo CityCross is fast becoming a classic and we’re proud to be a part of it even if only from afar. Check out the awesome event video and spot the winners trophies that we made…

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