We made the front page…

A little over 6 months ago we were visited by the nice people at MadeGood.bikes who had asked to make a short documentary feature for The Guardian about me and why I had set up The Bicycle Academy . We had a great time with them as they worked their magic stealthily filming the goings on during one of our courses, and even managed to wrap up the talking head shots during a lunch break! It was a seamless operation.

A few months went by and we kind of forgot about the film only to be contacted again by Will who told us that the film would be released on The Guardian website within the next few weeks.

Well the film made the front page of The Guardian website for around 6 hrs, has been seen by thousands of people, and includes me calling Brian an “old fart” on camera. I couldn’t be happier!

Check out the MadeGood.bikes website, they’ve got a fantastic thing going on and have done a great job to provide you with some of the best bicycle related information resource there is, all of which they give away for free.

This short film was produced by MadeGood.films. Sound mix by George Hider & Leaf Troup, music written by George Hider. MadeGood provide free advice on bicycle repair. You can also follow MadeGood on twitter – @MadeGoodBikes


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