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#VendrediVideo – it’s back!

In the build up to the launch of The Bicycle Academy I used to post a blog post every Friday with videos about framebuilding, craft and anything that I felt was interesting to watch. We used to get a crazy amount of people checking out the videos each week but then the job of actually creating and working at TBA took over and the blog posts dried up.

Well we’ve finally made a little time to start them up again, so here you go our first #VendrediVideo is absolutely ages. Hope you enjoy it.

From innovation, to high end balance bikes (we taught Alex!) to guitars to french mass production to shed made FS bikes – it’s all there…

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Seems that Instagram love a bit of The Bicycle Academy, not only were we selected as a Suggested User a couple of months ago, but it turns out that earlier today they’ve blogged and instagramed and tweeted about us and some brilliant frame builders… hashtagAWESOME!

P.s. We’re in Frome not Bristol ;-)

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What a great year!

Just over a year ago we opened our doors to our very first student, Darron Coppin, on the 9th July 2012. Since then we’ve taught over 160 people and had a great time doing so…

…We’ve expanded into a new workshop, we’ve had bookings from people across the UK, from France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Israel, Slovenia, Chile, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and the USA. We’ve taught novices, enthusiasts and helped refine the techniques of pro’s. We’ve been asked to train the mass production industry, consult on other projects, made over 100 frames for charity, launched the very first Balance Bike building course, launched a range of TIG Welding, Advanced, Fitting and Design courses, hosted numerous free demo’s, given talks at some fantastic events, converted some high profile disbelievers, won the Spirit of Cycling Award at Bespoked Bristol and been shortlisted as 25th out of the “100 most resourceful, original, exciting and disruptive small businesses in the UK” out of an original list of over 1500 nominees.

And that’s just the beginning, we’ve got plenty more still to come!

So, what about Darron? What’s he doing now? Well, he’s making beautiful bicycles of course! After an unsuccessful experience somewhere else Darron came to The Bicycle Academy looking to learn to fillet braze. He launched Sven Cycles soon after in 2012 and has been building great bikes ever since. Take a look at some of the lovely bikes he’s been making and the elegant new ‘Ladies Roadster’ bike he’s just unveiled…


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