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Over the past few months we’ve become a little addicted to Instagram. We use it every day, a number of times a day – posting photos of what goes on at The Bicycle Academy and poring over the work of other builders.

It’s a great way of showing people how great our students are doing and some of the interesting projects that Brian gets up to. A few months ago our account was even selected by Instagram to be a featured account, not sure how many of our new followers are keen of bicycle frame building or just following for the hell of it, either way it’s cool to share what we’re up to.

Congratulations! You are currently featured on Instagram’s list of Suggested Users. Our Suggested Users List is a dynamic list that highlights some of the top accounts on Instagram. Being on the Suggested Users List means that we see you as a model Instagram account. An account is usually featured for a couple weeks before it is cycled out to give others the opportunity to be featured.


The Instagram Team

So, if you’d like to see what we’re up to day to day follow us @TheBicycleAcademy

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