Dirt Magazine take our Brazing Masterclass

We regularly get asked how we manage to teach people to fillet braze to such a high standard in such a small amount of time, in fact it’s probably fair to say that in some cases people just don’t quite believe that it’s possible. The standard assumptions include “oh, well the student must have been a natural”, ” yeah, but surely you’re doing a lot of it for them”, ” but that’s just because you use GasFlux” or “it’s because Brian does all the teaching, isn’t it?”. A couple of months ago I discovered that even the mighty Dirt Magazine seemed to be unconvinced at just how realistic it was to teach people to the standards that we claim, so I figured that the best thing to do was to invite them down to see for themselves.

I invited Ed H, the tech editor (and shed based frame builder taught by the brilliant Robin Mather), and Ben W, office tea boy and complete novice, down to The Bicycle Academy for the day to be taught by me with the premise that what ever the result they would write about it, good or bad, I wanted to show them what we did and let them make up their own minds…

“If you want to know how to make a frame or just fillet braze like a god, then The Bicycle Academy is where you need to be. The combination of Andrew Denham’s teaching skills and Brian Curtis’ fillet brazing technique is something very special indeed. Practice does indeed make perfect, but the level that these guys can get you to in just a matter of hours is nothing short of mind-blowing.”

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