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Brompton Factory Visit

On Friday we were lucky enough to visit the Brompton factory in west London with Dan from Facade Media (who took the wonderful images you see below).

Like us Brompton have a strong affiliation with the art of fillet brazing, so it was great to see their guys in action and talk techniques, fluxes and rods.

The Brompton factory is a really impressive set up, teaming with people all working away producing the iconic hand made folding bikes from start to finish. It’s awesome to see a UK bicycle company be so successful and even better knowing that they produce their bikes in this country.

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Book Now 2013

Yep, having finally caught up with ourselves we’re now taking bookings for the whole of 2013 on a first come first served basis!

You can get in touch with us directly by emailing or giving us a call on +44(0)1373 473767.

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First Painted Frame

Last week we sent out the very first student made TBA Africa Bike frame.

The frame (which has now been built up into a working bicycle) is on its way to a young man in The Gambia.

The frame was hand made by Erica Smith on a Frame Building course she took with us in November, and it’s being hand delivered by her too.

We’re not far off having our first 100 student frames, at which point we’ll get them all painted and ship them out to people in need.

We’re really proud of our teaching, and we get wonderful feedback from our students, but the fact that we’re able to help others as part of this process is something that is really very special.

It won’t be long before we get some pictures of the bike being used, but we can’t wait…!

We have availability for courses right now so please get in touch if you’d like to learn how to build bicycle frames, and help someone else in the process.

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Practice Makes Perfect – on sale now!

We know that it takes a long time to become a true master at something.

Mitring, fillet brazing, finishing - they all take time.

Brian has been fillet brazing for over 50 years but he still practices almost every day because he’s still hungry for that perfect braze.

After seeing this graphic a lot of people asked us to make some clothing, so here you go – our small range of Practice Makes Perfect apparel – Pre-order yours now!


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Morvélo City Cross

This is going to awesome. Really, really awesome.

Our friends at Morvélo are on fire at the moment making some great things happen. We’re making the trophies for the event and we’re also working with them on another project that Andrew dreamt up a little while ago, all very exciting.

If you haven’t entered yet you can book your place on the start line here:

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