The Great British Braze Off

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Mathew Sowter (Made in England and Saffron Frameworks) telling me about an event that he and Ryan from Oak Cycles were planning – The Great British Braze Off – a demo at Look Mum No Hands to showcase a select group of framebuilders and allow the public to engage with them as they work. As lots of framebuilders were due to be in London for the Made in England Book launch the night before it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss, but Matthew and Ryan needed a little help to make the event happen. Well, The Bicycle Academy has some great supporters so I spoke to Weldability-Sif who kindly provided all the welding equipment and rods, and Air Products too, who were good enough to support the event by supplying the gas.

For the people watching it was a great opportunity to see exactly how these artisans work, what they use and how they achieve the results that they have become so famous for. For those of us who are working with these tools every day it was a great opportunity to learn from each other – discuss techniques and use different materials (such as the Sif 101 rods that proved to be really popular with all the builders).

The event was a great success with loads of people watching and asking questions, and the framebuilders realising that although a little nerveracking, working infront of a large group of people wasn’t as affecting as feared.

In addition to those already mentioned thanks to Reynolds for supplying the tubing, and builders Rick featherTom DonhouTed James, and Robin Mather for taking part.

Watch out for other events from us all in the near future…

Photos 2, 4, 5, 9 & 10 by Apollo Gerolymbos

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