#VendrediVideo – 24hr delay

First up, a great video submitted by Simon Hillier:

What happens when you have the chance to turn your passion into your second career? We follow Nikole Herriott as she visits her father Lance on his first day of retirement. He has said goodbye to his ship welder past to focus his considerable talents on his lifelong passion: wood.

Director: John Cullen
Editor: Paul Proulx
Camera: Vinit Borrison & John Cullen
Producers: Supplemental
Sound: Jon Wayne Brown
Colour: Wade Odlum

A short film about French born, Los Angeles based artist Yannick Sire of Sire Custom Performance sirecustomperformance.com. Directed by Oli+Joe. olivierchatard.com

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And finally a personal hero of mine, who i was lucky enough to meet last night at Bike Bath, Graeme Obree. We chatted about frame building, flux, steel, carbon fibre, the Cobble Wobble, his new drivetrain design and finally the possibility of his son taking a course with us at The Bicycle Academy…


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    [...] interview with Obree on his attempt on the human-powered land speed record. I saw it again over at The Bicycle Academy’s blog. Andrew, the lucky chap, got to meet Obree this year at Bike [...]

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