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#VendrediVideo – Enigma, Liberty Vintage, Orto and Frome

First up, a film showcasing the work of Enigma Titanium, with Mark Reilly, produced by Phill and Tessa as part of their Bespoked Bristol series called Meet the Maker.

The opening monologue in this next video is pretty powerful and true on many places.

“Our children don’t know the difference between a falt head screwdriver and a philips, and if they did kno the difference they wouldn’t know what to do with it”

This video really made me smile, it’s great to see old bikes get recycled but even better when they become even more beautiful than they were when new. Thanks to Jonny Lennon for the link : )

A spring bike-rework project, 20 artists, 20 bikes in 10 days.

Finally this short film about the town we live in which was made as part of a community bid to the Mary Portas fund, an initiative to rejuvenate flagging high streets. We’re lucky to live in a lovely place that has lots going on but like many other towns there’s a fair few boarded up shops and tired retail areas that need work. This little video does a great job of showing Frome in full glory, but highlights the work that needs doing too.

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#VendrediVideo – Doodle special

This year our Bespoked Bristol stand is all about doodling.

Doodling is a wonderful thing, its something that almost everyone does from time to time, and that most did a lot more when at school.

But doodling gets a bit of a raw deal, it’s typically thought of as a waste of time, meaningless and unfocussed – but we think thats it’s just as important as day dreaming, it’s something we should all do a little more.

Our frame building courses are designed to teach people the skills to be able to turn their doodles into reality, to make any bike that their subconscious can come up with. We’re huge admirers of the classic bicycle design, but like to think that we’re passing on the skills to allow even the most imaginative bicycle doodles to come to life.

We’ll be giving out some special TBA exercise books and pencils at the show, except unlike when you were at school we hope that you fill these books full of doodles.

*For a nice example of doing good with a bicycle doodle, see what our friends at Milltag did last year.

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Bespoked Bristol 2012

We’re just as excited as you are!

We’ll be giving out some special TBA doodle gifts to anyone who comes over to say hello, but we’ve only got a limited number so don’t hang about.

See you there : )

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…and then there were three.

We told you that we wanted to find another person to teach at The Bicycle Academy, well here he is – everyone meet Chris, our very own workshop wizard.

Chris is a trained Engineer having served his apprenticeship at Brewis Engineering in Frome. With a background in making tools, jigs and fixtures, and a keen interest in problem solving Chris went on to run the whole milling section at the works. Along with making things Chris loves riding bikes, he’s been mountain biking since the beginning and is a qualified mountain bike ride leader and skills instructor too.

Chris will be teaching alongside Brian, sharing his wealth of knowledge, and working to design and make our range of TBA frame building jigs and tools.

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Crowd-Funding Rewards… they’re on their way!

Yep, we’re really pleased to say that the crowd funding rewards are now either on their way to you in the mail, or will be sent out to you very very soon (Phew!)

All the £20 rewards were sent out on Friday (bar a few local hand deliveries), If you pledged over £20 then your rewards will be available to collect at Bespoked Bristol, with any left over being sent out on Monday the 26th March.

Those of you due to receive a miniature hand made frame will receive it following the rest of your rewards, as they’ll be made as soon as the workshop is ready in May/June.

We know that it’s been a bit of a wait, but we hope that you’ll agree it’s been worth it as everything has turned out really well.

Here’s a lovely photo taken by Andy Reeve whilst wearing his TBA Crowd Funding T shirt designed and illustrated by Matt Wellsted

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#VendrediVideo – Winter, Squeegee & Machine

This week you’ve had to wait a couple of days longer for your #VendrediVideo fix because we’ve been secretly preparing for Bespoked Bristol (it’s less than a week away) and packing and shipping out the crowd-funding rewards. It should be worth the wait though…

First up is a slightly quirky take on the soundslide format…

A film showcasing the work of Eric Estlund of Winter Bicycles, Oregon USA.

Then a beautiful short made by good friend and TBA Student Daniel Irons AKA Facade Media. Dan spent the day documenting the work of our friends at White Duck Screen Print, the people who lovingly printed all the crowd-funding T shirts we’ve been sending out this week…

An ambient short following the printing process within the White Duck Screen Printing studios in Bath.
Music: Laura Marling – Failure (captured from the White Duck studio radio)

Finally something to blow your socks off… a stunning short about Austrailian motorcycle builder Matt Machine.

Director – Mat Harrington
Editor – Ceinwen Berry
DOP – David Rusanow & Paul Mason
Music – Surya Bajracharya & Karuna Bajracharya
Post – Defintion Films – David Gross
VFX – Bryn Farrelly
Colourist – Trish Cahill
Sound – by Huzzah – Andrew Plain
Additional Music – Cameron Bruce
Graphics – WeBuyYourKids –
Special Thanks: Sophie Lee, Cameron Wintour, Damien Drew, Cath Muscat & Patches.

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New doesn’t always mean better

We bought an old lathe for the workshop this week. We looked at new lathes, but couldn’t find what we were looking for. New means shiny, but shiny doesn’t always matter that much.

After lots of looking we found an old Colchester Chipmaster lathe in a workshop next door. It’s certainly isn’t new and is in need of a little love. But it’s well made, and that’s what counts.

We’ll be reviving our new old lathe over the next few weeks…

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