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The Atavistic Urge

It’s Friday which means that it’s time for the #VendrediVideo…

This ace short by Sara Kinney allows you to spend some time hanging out with Seth Rosko and Johnny Coast at their frame building shop… I love how much they love what they do, and also the fact that they clearly all work together, as a community of riders and frame builders.

(There’s some more information and photographs here thanks to )

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A great example of crowd funding – Revolights

The Revolight is not only a wonderful and interesting idea but it’s a crowd funding success reaching its $43,500 total by day 8 of the 49 day funding period that was set by its creators. Crucially this means that the project will go ahead (wooo!) and every single backer will receive their reward. Excitingly the project still has 34 days of funding to go so may well end up greatly surpassing its goal (it’s already at $70,432!) resulting in more happy backers (remember that they’ll all receive their rewards) and more funding for the project. Everybody wins.

Check out the way the project has been funded so far, including details of the rewards available for each pledge:


Receive a personalized thank you card from the Revolights founders + ability to follow the project’s progress as a kickstart backer through kickstarter blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.

(113 backers)


Receive a Revolights decal, and Revolights team membership; which includes access to key project milestone updates that will directly link you to the Revolights project and its future (+ rewards listed above).

(67 backers)


Receive a custom, project branded t-shirt that will further link you to Revolights through kickstarter, and its future (+ rewards listed above).

(28 backers)


Receive a brand spankin’ new, pre-ordered set of the finalized Revolights (to MSRP for $220), that will be shipped prior to public release. They will look like what you see here in v4, but upgraaaded. Via team member updates, you’ll also be able to access key project updates all the way through your lights’ shipment (+ rewards listed above).

(137 backers)


Receive a brand spankin’ new, pre-ordered set of the finalized, CUSTOM Revolights! You’ll not only get your lights before they are released to the public, but you’ll also be able to cruise your Revolights in style after selecting the (legal) taillight color of your choice from our color palette. Your name will be added to the website as a “Yellow Jersey Backer”. Via exclusive team member updates, you’ll also be able to access key project milestone updates all the way through your lights’ shipment (+ $50 rewards listed above).

(141 backers)

You’ll notice that 208 people have supported the project at a level that doesn’t even get them a set of the lights, but instead some other unique rewards such as T shirts, and stickers etc. Although relatively small these pledges have, when totalled up, contributed just under $6,000 to the target – a significant chunk of the goal. This is particularly interesting as it shows the importance and effectiveness of supporting projects at any level as when combined all these relatively small (when compared to the top end) pledges are pretty significant and could make all the difference between the success or failure of a project.

We’ll be offering pledges at the following levels; £25, £50, £150, £300, £500 (pre-buying a course place +) , £800 and £2000 – each rewarded with something unique and very special.

We’re confident that TBA will be a crowd funding success, and the feedback from you all so far suggests that is the case, but in truth every penny will count and unless people are willing to back our idea in October it won’t get much further. Until we reach the target amount TBA will be pie in the sky*, but once we do, well that’s when things will really get exciting !

*and remember if we don’t reach the target no money will be debited from backers, the project will only take payment if the target amount is reached or surpassed. : )

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Heart and soul

Every Friday I’ll try and post a video of something special, something that’s worth taking a moment to watch with a cup of tea and no interruption.

This stunning short film (by Michael John Evans) shows Sean Walling, owner of Soulcraft, building one of his top notch custom steel bicycle frames. It’s a joy to watch.

Now before you get to intimidated, the methods that we’ll be teaching at The Bicycle Academy won’t require 95% of the tooling shown here, so don’t be put off by the awesomeness of Sean’s worksop or his collection of jigs. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. : )


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TBA map

Having received a few enquiries from not just other counties but other countries too I thought it might be interesting to make a little map that showed where TBA supporters are from… so just click on the image to go to an interactive map (don’t worry if you’re not on there, it only shows one name per location).

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Prototype spyshot

Some of you will have heard of the Cobble Wobble, it’s a cycling time trial up a steep cobbled hill in Frome that I run each year. Well last year I thought that it’d be pretty funny to build a special bicycle for the event and well, to cut a long story short, that’s what led to the idea that has since become The Bicycle Academy. Anyhoo, here’s a spyshot of the prototype Cobble Wobble bike, built by Brian last week in his workshop as a bit of fun.

If you want to see it for yourself then come along on the 25th September and say hello, we’ll be the ones stood next to the stupid looking bike…

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On Friday we reached a bit of a milestone, Daniel from Croydon became the 100th person to complete our little online questionnaire! Of the 100 people the vast majority, in fact nearly every single person, has said that they’d like to take part in the crowd-funding campaign – essentially by pre-buying their course place this October so that we can fund the workshop. This means a great deal but more importantly it’s the difference between us simply being a bright idea and actually becoming a real bicycle frame-building school – it will all hinge on the success of the crowd-funding attempt in a couple of months time.

If you haven’t already please take a moment to complete the questionnaire, it only takes a minute and will help us a lot.

Cheers to Daniel, and the other 99, you’ve made us very happy indeed!

p.s. We’re at 103 now… : )

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The old school – 1936-2001

Take a break from your day, make a cup of tea and sit down to watch this stunning little film about Jack Taylor Cycles, one of the leading tandem and touring bike frame builders in the UK for over 50 years …

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